Of God and Diapers

This blog deals with God and diapers. It is written for all Christians who have a diaper fixation. It is my hope that all who read it come away a Christian. Despite diapers you can be saved. God loves the Adult Babies too.


I am a Wh/M/31 successful infantilist who was saved in 2002. I feel that God has called me to be a light to the Adult Babies of the world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

God will eventually cure Infantilism

Now don't get me wrong. I am 30 years old and have been into diapers since I was 6. That is 24 years of being obsessed. There is no turning back for me. However, I believe if I was caught at a young age I could've been helped. Definitely before puberty is the best time to have a chance at a cure. That is because the sexual libido is not associated with diapers. As time goes on you will get more and more into it until diapers become a required part of your sexuality. I've learned to love em. So now, how does God fit in with all of this? How in the world can God love a fetishist? The answer is he loves us all. You see there is a very narrow path that a Christian can walk where their lives are not the healthiest yet their spirituality is. You basically have to divorce yourself from everything of this earth. Nothing matters anymore, not diapers, not money, not pride, not love from anyone. The only thing that matters is the will of God and how you must fear him. So don't I fear God's wrath?? Yes I do, very much so. We've had many a talk and he has shown me that removing diapers will be the last step in my walk. I must have patience. I must let his will be done on his time. The only way for me to have major spiritual victories is to start with the small ones and win them for God's glory. The time will come when I sacrifice my whole being for the will of God. And that is when I will be at the crossroads. So for now, hold steadfast to your faith. Hold on to God's Love. Always dwell upon the good things of God and pray continuously for the Will of God to be done. Ask for protection from Evil. Do all these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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